Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Bungalow Sun we are committed to saving our earth and the incredible animals that live on its land and in its oceans. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to different charities to help these causes. There are six charities that each portion of a sale will go to, and each support our earth and wildlife in different ways. Below we welcome you to meet our charities and learn more about each one! 

Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center knows our oceans are in trouble. Between increasing water temperatures and human activity, our marine ecosystem is being threatened. The Marine Mammal Center leads the field of ocean conservation in marine mammal rescue, veterinary services, science and education. So far, they have rescued 24,000 marine animals and have a volunteering team of 1,300 people! They have done incredible things for marine life and we can help too! Learn more at https://www.marinemammalcenter.org

Seal Marine Mammal Center


Ocean Conservancy 

Our oceans and its wildlife are being destroyed by garbage and its our chance to make a difference. It is really tough to see our wildlife and their home’s get ruined and Ocean Conservancy is working to stop that! They advocate for the ocean by conducting scientific research, rescuing wildlife, finding solutions for our oceans future and much more. Read more about Ocean Conservancy at www.oceanconservancy.org.

Sea Turtle Ocean Conservancy


Pets Alive

Pets Alive will always hold a special place in my heart. Since I was younger, my family and I always donated and gave what we could. They are a no-kill shelter that rescues dogs, cats, rabbits, horses - any animals you can think of that needs help! They have created new laws that benefit animals, rescued horses from Central Park, set up adoption events, benefits, and more! They are doing something special for our animals and we can’t thank them enough for everything they do! Your donation will be sent right to Pets Alive to support them in their saving and rescuing actions. Check them out at https://www.petsalive.com

Pets Alive Rescue Shelter


African Wildlife Foundation 

African Wildlife Foundation protects Africa’s Most Threatened Species. Everything they do is to ensure the land and wildlife in Africa stays safe, protected and thriving. To protect our species population they have safeguards on their land that watch out for wildlife traffickers and poachers. They also build partnerships and spread awareness through the continent to spread their message further. It is not right what humans do to our wildlife and it must come to an end. For more information check out https://www.awf.org.

Elephants Rescue


Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friend’s mission is to make America a no-kill country. Right now, 4 million pets are being put down in shelters simply because of lack of space and they are fighting to end this. They also are working to slow down the amount of homeless pets and find a loving home for them all. Between building partnerships and events, Best Friends is making a huge difference for animals everywhere and we are so grateful for them. Each donation will go directly to helping thousands of stray animals. To learn more please visit https://bestfriends.org

Best Friends Animal Society


Amazon Conservation

Amazon Conservation's mission is to unite science, innovation, and people to protect the Amazon. They create, manage, and protect some of the last wildlife places on earth in the Amazon. The animals and the forest itself needs our help. Our beloved rainforest is slowly disappearing. We need to make a change fast. Learn more at https://www.amazonconservation.org.

Amazon Conservation Association