Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

We want what is best for your skin and the earth and that is why we use cruelty free, organic, vegan, raw, and unrefined ingredients. 

By using unrefined ingredients, each product has the highest nutrient content possible. Each product has undergone minimal processing, so we can ensure that you will have the cleanest, all natural ingredients for your skin!

*With our ingredients being unrefined, the scent will be stronger. Shea Butter will have a nutty scent, while Cocoa will have a chocolate scent.* 

Never will any of our products be tested on animals. We believe never under any circumstances should products be tested on animals. This is a practice that needs to end and that is why one of our charities of choice is an organization to help end animal testing and find other ethical alternatives.

     Cocoa Butter 

    Cocoa butter has a great amount of vitamin E, Fatty Acids, and skin healing properties. 

    • Contains a high amount of fatty acids that are the best for hydrating the skin. The fat allows the butter to create a barrier on your skin that holds in moisture and prevents your skin from becoming flaky and dry! 
    • Cocoa butter has skin healing properties. The moisture content and richness of the butter eases itching and helps the skin heal after a flare up from eczema, psoriasis, and more.  

    Cocoa butter can protect against sun damage. The phytochemicals in cocoa butter can help protect you from harmful UV, so you can enjoy your long day at the beach with no worries!

     Shea Butter 

    Shea Butter has fatty acids, is an anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants that are gold for your skin. 

    • fatty acids that get absorbed into your skin. These oils act as a “refatting” agent to restore your moisturized skin. It holds the moisture inside of your body, so you can be soft and moisturized for good! 
    • The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter makes inflammatory cells slow their production, which can minimize irritation caused by environmental factors or skin conditions. 
    • Antioxidant and holds a large amount of Vitamin A and E that help with anti-aging. 


    Both the cocoa and shea butters are handmade by the hard working women of Ghana and are raw, unrefined and organic. The women who make the butters use age-old techniques that have been passed down through generations to ensure the highest quality products you can get. 

    Why we chose Baraka

    • Fair payment to all workers and producers
    • Everytime a purchase is made, you are supporting development, women, communities and families in Northern Ghana
    • The highest quality products brought to us in a fair and environmentally sustainable manner. 
    • All products are cruelty free

    For more information on Baraka please visit https://barakasheabutter.com/who-is-baraka/

    Coconut Oil

    Our coconut oil is extra virgin, unrefined, cold pressed, and organic. The best you can get! 

    Benefits: hydrates, natural inflammatory, heals damaged tissue 

    Jojoba Oil

    Our jojoba oil is unrefined, organic and expeller pressed. All natural coming right to your skin! 

    Benefits: Moisturizing, antibacterial, antioxidant, promotes collagen, hypoallergenic.

    Our Mica powder is ethically sourced. We do not condone child labor at mines.